they are teargassing women, children, and the elderly right now in pakistan. like that’s a kid in the middle frame, he looked 9 or 10, possibly younger. they were peacefully protesting and the damn bastards decided to tear gas them and shoot rubber and actual bullets at them. may Allah protect them and grant the innocent deceased Jannat al Firdaws.

and may Allah bless the medics, who are mostly young volunteers.


  • Cris: Like this, James
  • James: Like that?
  • Cris: No, this-
  • James: But I’d like…
  • Cris: Okay whatever

  • Cris: Gareth, this.
  • Gareth: Got it.


left click then drag the gifs… tell me who you’ve got from each gif.
*beware of Carlo Ancelotti and do not cheat! / Name lists are here > [x]

  • mother: are you going out today?
  • me: hell no
  • mother: alright
  • me: i have football matches to watch
  • mother:
  • me:
  • mother:
  • me:
  • mother:
  • me: what?
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    Endless List of Favourite Football Players:


    Playing Position: Centre Back

    Country: Brazil

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    It seems he is scaring the little boy

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    Endless List of Favourite Football Players:

    Rúben Amorim

    Playing Position: Midfielder

    Country: Portugal